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After an arrest, most people choose to have New Jersey criminal lawyers represent them in court. While this is not required, there are nonetheless instances when it is in your best interest to have an attorney represent you. Here are some things you should consider.

Severity of Charges

Generally speaking, the more serious your charges are, the greater the need for New Jersey criminal lawyers. As such, the need for an attorney is greater if you are facing felony charges than it would be if arrested for a misdemeanor. It’s important to consider other sanctions such as the loss of your license that might occur as well.

Taking on the System

Be advised that if you choose not to have New Jersey criminal lawyers represent you, what you are saying is that you are willing to take on the entire criminal justice system alone. This means you must personally deal with everyone from the prosecutor to the arresting officer on your own. Don’t expect these people to “take it easy” on you just because you are not represented by an attorney. In fact, they may see you as easy prey, and deal with you more aggressively as a result.

Complex Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Evidence are quite complex, which is why New Jersey criminal attorneys spend years becoming familiar with them. Once they are mastered, lawyers must continuously stay up to date with changes in them, due to their ever-evolving nature. It is unlikely a lay person will be familiar enough with these rules to know when an objection to certain evidence or lines of questioning is in order. Your case could be greatly affected if you allow the prosecution to “get one over.”

Protects Your Rights

The primary goal of New Jersey criminal lawyers is to ensure your rights are not violated during any stage of the process. If you are not properly represented, you could inadvertently give up your rights, which could lead to detrimental results.

Contact New Jersey Criminal Lawyers for Assistance

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