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Anderl & Oakley’s Criminal Defense Lawyers in New Jersey have handled thousands of felonies of every conceivable kind.


State Criminal Defense

Since 1997, Anderl & Oakley has handled thousands of felonies of every conceivable kind, especially the most serious offenses in New Jersey’s criminal code, such as murder, vehicular homicide, first degree distribution of CDS, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated sexual assault. The firm’s lawyers appreciate, however, that, any criminal charge is “most serious” for that client. Accordingly, clients are zealously represented at all phases of prosecution. Every potential legal and factual advantage for the defense is explored. The firms’ attorneys consider a case ready for resolution by trial, or plea, or, if possible, dismissal only after conducting a thorough investigation and filing all colorable motions to suppress illegally obtained or otherwise inadmissible evidence. In reaching the best possible outcome for a client, Anderl & Oakley relies on the combined experience of Mark Anderl and David Oakley, who both appear regularly throughout the state but especially in the counties of Middlesex, Mercer, Union, Essex, Somerset, Passaic, Bergen and Burlington. The experience of Mark Anderl, the firm’s senior partner, is of special value to the firm’s clients. He was an assistant prosecutor in Essex County for over 10 years before entering private practice as a criminal defense attorney. During his tenure with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, he tried over 100 cases, including 30 homicides.



The firm’s municipal court practice also covers Title 2C disorderly persons offenses, such as possession of marijuana under 50 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple assault and harassment.



Federal Criminal Defense

Fraud, forgery, drug cases involving multiple kilos of CDS, and, increasingly, gun cases are often prosecuted federally. The federal and state systems of prosecution are strikingly different, especially in regard to bail, discovery and sentencing. Moreover, federal complaints usually require immediate, all-out attention because arrests are by federal agencies, such as the DEA or FBI, at the completion of a lengthy investigation.

With 20 years of combined experience in the federal criminal system, the firm’s attorneys are fully familiar with the special requirements of defending such cases. They frequently appear in all three vicinages, with special emphasis on Trenton and Newark. Moreover, attorney David Oakley has been selected by the district court to represent select defendants under the Criminal Justic Act (CJA)



Since 1997, Anderl & Oakley has handled hundreds of DWI cases. The firm’s attorneys are thoroughly familiar with both the legal and technical aspects of such matters. (David Oakley formerly prosecuted DWIs in East Brunswick, Old Bridge and Plainsboro.) A client’s case is scrutinized for a possible motion to suppress based on an illegal detention of the motor vehicle or lack of probable cause for an arrest. Experts are consulted to assess the reliability of both standardized field sobriety tests and Alco-Test results. Besides DWIs, the firm handles other Title 39 traffic matters, including driving while suspended, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, careless driving and speeding offenses.



Expungements of every sort of criminal records including arrests, felonies, disorderly person and ordinance convictions, and juvenile adjudications.

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