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An attorney can help you plan your New Jersey DWI defense when slurred speech is one of the primary pieces of evidence.

New Jersey DWI Defense Lawyers Can Explain Studies About Slurred Speech and Drunkenness

Your New Jersey DWI defense lawyers will tell you that when a person who is speaking in a slurred manner, it is often seen as evidence that he or she is impaired. There is research, however, that calls into question the validity of this assumption. Various types of drinkers – light, moderate and heavy – were studied based on how they spoke at three different instances: in a learning phase, when they were sober, and at four different levels of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). As their levels of intoxication rose, they showed significant differences in their speech. In addition, there was also an evaluation of simulated intoxicated or sober speech to decide whether the person speaking was intoxicated or not. A request was made for actors to speak at various simulated levels of intoxication, when they were intoxicated, and when they were sober but acting drunk. The actors were sober, but acting drunk 88 percent more of the time than when they were really drunk. In another study, the actors were thought to sound less inebriated than they really were at a rate of 61 percent. Another study had testers record men as they uttered sentences when sober and when they were intoxicated. There were two experiments conducted. One included listeners being asked to match two sentences and identify which was said by someone who was intoxicated. The second had Indiana State Troopers and college students being asked to decide whether the speaker was intoxicated or sober. The authors of the study discovered that there was a definite difference in the speaker’s ability to articulate when they were sober vs. when they were intoxicated.

New Jersey DWI Defense Lawyers Will Examine Different Research

Your New Jersey DWI defense lawyers will tell you that research into this issue is not clear-cut. Some researchers do not conclude that the changes in the manner of speaking or slurring of the words means that it is evidence of intoxication. This is especially true when the BAC is at lower levels. Text was read by eleven subjects when they were both intoxicated and sober. Using statistical assessments, the speech parameters were subject to evaluation. The authors found that it is inexpedient to to use acoustic analysis to recognize low-levels of intoxication.

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